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Female, 35, Manchester, UK – Breathwork to support stress

“Working with Alissa has been nothing short of brilliant. Earlier this year I found myself struggling with more anxiety and feeling unable to manage stress. I wanted techniques to  support and breathwork has really helped. Alissa is a wealth of knowledge and debunked some big breathing myths for me. She is such a kind and warm soul, and I felt so held by her. I generally feel a much calmer person, more able to cope and manage the daily stresses, and feel a much happier Mum to my toddler son (and breathwork during a toddler meltdown really helps!). Thank you Alissa! “

Female, 45, Bristol, UK – Breathwork to support well-being and mental health

“I am very grateful for Alissa’s professional and caring support, and I strongly recommend it. Good, healthy breathing is essential to my work as a trauma counselor and digital wellbeing specialist. It is vital for my self-care and wellbeing. I have learned a lot about healthy breathing, and I can already feel a huge positive impact of this work on my health. Thank you!”

Female, 61, Worcester, UK – Chronic cough, COPD

“This wonderful lady has changed my life in 5 weeks. I had a chronic cough for decades for which I had been taking inhalers and mucus reducing medicine. She is an inspiration!  My coughing has reduced. I sleep better. I feel better. I look healthier and I can’t believe the change. Even my husband dares admit how I am changed – for the better.

I highly recommend the course and the encouraging friendly nature of Alissa.

Three cheers and may the improvements continue.”

Male, 86, Leamington Spa, UK – Referral from cardiologist

“It was always a pleasure to attend breathwork sessions with Alissa. She explained all the exercises clearly and patiently and was very personable.

I do feel I have benefited from the course and would recommend it.”

Female, 37, Reading, UK – Stress

“I reached out to Alissa when I was having an acute bout of what I call stressed breathing. My diaphragm was very tight and I was yawning a lot. I would frequently feel as though I wasn’t getting enough air.  This has happened to me on and off for most of my adult life. It’s very much connected to stress/anxiety but once it kicks off the cycle continues physiologically.

Alissa taught me about the physiology of breathing, the importance of nose breathing as well as skills to retrain my breathing.

I attended 5 sessions and it was so worth it. I am now able to breathe much more easily and I can honestly say that mouth breathing now feels very weird to me.

Thank you Alissa. You were great. Your energy and inspiration really encouraged me to keep going and I’m very grateful. I now have to skills to teach myself in future.”

Female, 69, Shipston on Stour, UK – Lung disease

“Newly diagnosed with lung disease, I sought help with breathing techniques from Alissa. However you get more than excellent breath training – Alissa treats the ‘whole person’. She is very kind, always professional and alongside this Alissa takes time to listen and reassure.

Happier and more relaxed at the end of our sessions- I would not hesitate to recommend Alissa.

Presently, my symptoms are improving and my medication reducing. Thank you very much Alissa!”

University of Oxford – Breathwork Talk and Workshop

“We asked Alissa to visit our department as part of our Wellbeing Week programme to try and manage stress in the workplace.She’s very friendly, engaging and professional and the whole session was educational as well as relaxing. We were all surprised at how badly we breathe and the information Alissa provided via her presentation, questionnaires and encouraging us to listen to our own bodies started to educate us on listening to our own bodies and modifying our breathing techniques.

I felt very relaxed by the end of the session and much more aware of my bad breathing habits. I’m far more conscious now of recognising when I’m not breathing correctly and taking steps to modify it. I use one of the techniques taught to help me fall asleep better and make a point of practising better breathing when I’m waiting for a bus or washing up – definitely noticing a difference.

We’d definitely recommend booking Alissa for any breath training, whether it’s for a one to one or for a workplace wellbeing event.”

6 month follow-up – Uncontrolled Asthma

“For the past 6 months my quality of life has changed for the completely: I sleep soundly, I exercise without the need for my inhaler, and my stress levels have completely reduced. I was introduced to Buteyko techniques by Alissa last December and my life has significantly changed since. I no longer rely on my inhaler – in fact I managed to cope without my steroid inhaler for several days when my prescription was delayed.

My asthma was never under control. I relied on inhalers and steroids to get through the days, and when I had a flair-up I just had to ‘manage’ as nothing else could be done for me by my doctors as I was on the strongest medication available. Now I take 15 minutes twice a day to practise my Buteyko breathing and I have never felt better! Not only is my asthma finally under control, but I take time out of my busy life for me and my well-being.

I will continue to be grateful to Alissa and her coaching methods. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Female, 45, Solihull, UK – Long Covid

“I have long covid and it was recommended to me to try breathwork with Alissa. I thought I’d give it a try as I’m open to anything that might help my recovery. I didn’t know what to expect….  Well, it was wonderful.

Breathwork is something else, so relaxing, so special. I think it has really helped my recovery and helped me heal. And nobody better to guide me on the journey. Alissa is so kind, warm and genuine. I was apprehensive before I started but she put me at ease immediately. She is so thoughtful; she really cares and makes it such an enjoyable experience.”

Female, 32, Birmingham, UK – Anxiety, General interest in breathwork

“I gravitated towards Alissa after hearing some fabulous testimonials about her breathwork sessions and I have loved my sessions with her. The actual sessions are deeply calming and I have come away from them with a new tool to help me navigate the stresses and strains of life with less impact on my mental health. I have felt much calmer after implementing Alissa’s breathwork practices into my daily life and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Female, 50, Cumbria, UK – Anxiety, Sleep Apnoea

“Learning to breathe correctly for the first time at 50 has honestly changed my life. I am sleeping better, my anxiety has reduced and I’m finally managing my sleep apnoea which caused me such problems. Alissa is an excellent coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Female, 50, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK – Uncontrolled Asthma

“I truly don’t know where to start with this… you have changed not only my breathing but how I look at my condition. Over the course of our 6 sessions, I learnt how to breathe properly, sleep soundly, take time out for myself and not need to rely on inhalers to get through the day. You have succeeded where medical professionals have failed me over the last 34 years.

I will not only continue to practice what you have taught me but I will sound your drum to anyone who will listen to me.

I had my telephone appointment with the Respiratory Clinician who was thrilled to hear I had such great success with you, and even more shocked that I was not referred to you before. He believes in the practise of Buteyko and thinks I had developed a breathing dysfunction.

I can’t thank you enough for all you help and advice over the last 6 weeks – you have changed my life!”

Male, 45, San Diego, California – Anxiety and Sleep Apnoea

“Alissa combines breathwork expertise with compassion. Her ability to diagnose and connect virtually has allowed me to understand my own dysfunctional breathing patterns better and correct them. Alissa has armed me with several tools to control my breath in the face of anxiety.”

Female, 33, London – Practitioner referral for Ulcerative Colitis

From the referring practitioner: “K” loved her session with you and has been implementing the breathing exercises. She’s doing great and her daily bowel movements have really decreased!

Male, 29, Bournemouth, UK – Long-Covid related breathlessness

“Alissa helped me get rid of the breathlessness I was feeling during exercise and at rest which lingered months after having Covid-19. I now feel much more fit and am back to running again.”

Female, 39, Brighton, UK – Anxiety

“Alissa had me completely relaxed in a way I haven’t experienced in a long time. I learned techniques to help me when I’m feeling anxious and panicky which really work! I’m also sleeping a lot better than I was before. Thank you!”

Female, 47, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK – Stress

“I had my first breath work session with Alissa this week. We covered various techniques in the session and due to her calm, competent manner I felt that I was able to learn and get great benefits from an initial session.”

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