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We asked Alissa to visit our department as part of our Wellbeing Week programme to try and manage stress in the workplace. She’s very friendly, engaging and professional and the whole session was educational as well as relaxing. We were all surprised at how badly we breathe and the information Alissa provided via her presentation, questionnaires and encouraging us to listen to our own bodies started to educate us on listening to our own bodies and modifying our breathing techniques. 

I felt very relaxed by the end of the session and much more aware of my bad breathing habits. I’m far more conscious now of recognising when I’m not breathing correctly and taking steps to modify it. I use one of the techniques taught to help me fall asleep better and make a point of practising better breathing when I’m waiting for a bus or washing up – definitely noticing a difference. 

We’d definitely recommend booking Alissa for any breath training, whether it’s for a one to one or for a workplace wellbeing event. 

Male, 29, Bournemouth, UK

September 25, 2021

Came to see me for: Covid-19 related breathlessness

“Alissa helped me get rid of the breathlessness I was feeling during exercise and at rest which lingered months after having Covid-19. I now feel much more fit and am back to running again.”