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Correction of dysfunctional breathing habits through breath retraining, Buteyko breathing, and other powerful tools and techniques to optimise your physical and mental well-being. Each session is one-to-one, and is completely individualised and designed around your unique needs. Learn more

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Pranayama is about controlling the breath for the benefit of the body and mind. The practice of pranayama involves controlled inhalation, exhalation, and retention. Sessions (group or individual) often combine the practice of pranayama with Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation to inspire well-being and complete relaxation. Learn more


Qigong encompasses a diverse range of exercises and techniques designed to enhance the flow of energy/qi throughout the body’s energy pathways. Practitioners engage in gentle, flowing movements that can be tailored to various levels of fitness and mobility, making Qigong accessible to individuals of all ages and physical conditions. Weekly classes are offered in Warwickshire, and privately for organisations, festivals, and retreats. Learn more

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Breath Therapy functional breathwork / breathing instruction retrains dysfunctional breathing patterns to help reduce symptoms of asthma, anxiety, and sleep disorders such as insomnia, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnoea. Using Buteyko breathing techniques, pranayama and other breathwork techniques, you can learn to breathe functionally and properly which delivers more oxygen to your tissues, thereby improving concentration, focus, and energy, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving sleep quality.

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